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Application Form - A-level center (15-18 years old)
Parent/Guardian Agreement
Payment Details | 付款信息

School Fees | 学费

Lunch Fees | 午餐费

Bus Fees | 校车费

If Company payment for the above, please provide the following details.
如果上述费用由公司支付,请提供下列信息 。

In consideration of submitting this application, I/we being the Parent(s)/Guardian of the pupil jointly agree with the following:

1. I/we will abide by Wellington College International Tianjin policies and procedures as notified to us from time to time

2. That Wellington College International Tianjin has our permission to contact my/our child’s previous school in order to obtain information relevant to this application.

3. That we have read and understood the policies regarding school fees and that I/we agree to pay all fees and tuition according to Wellington College International Tianjin policy.

4. I/we will promptly inform the College if any given information described in this application form changes.

5. That all holders of parental responsibility for the below-named pupil have signed this Application Form and that no one else holds parental responsibility for him/ her.

6. I/we confirm that I/we reside in China/Tianjin and that our child will reside with at least one parent (unless boarding). Our child has/will have legal China/Tianjin residency status and we have provided copies of our resident permits and China/ Tianjin work permits, including the pupil’s resident permit with this application, or if not yet available, no later than one month from the enrolment date. Should we be unable to provide proof of legal residency, Wellington College International Tianjin reserves the right to ask my child to leave the College and all tuition fees paid will be forfeited.
我/我们确认我/我们在中国/天津居住,且我们的孩子中国/天津居住期间有至少父母中的一人陪护(参加本校 寄宿项目除外)。我们的孩子具有/将获得合法的中国/天津拘留身份,我们已提供我们的居留许可证和中国/天 津工作许可证的复印件,包括学生的居留许可证,与此申请一同提交至校方,如资料不齐全,将在孩子入学后 的一个月之内将资料补齐。如未能提供合法的拘留许可的文件,天津惠灵顿国际学校有权要求该学生退学,并不再返回任何该学生缴纳的费用。

7. I/we certify that I/we have fully and accurately disclosed in this form all medical, behavioural, emotional and other issues that might affect our child’s life at Wellington College International Tianjin. I/we agree that the College shall have the right to assess at any time whether it can provide or continue to provide adequate educational care and provision to our child. I/We understand that failure to have complied with accurate and complete disclosure is grounds for nullification of a pupil’s enrolment at Wellington College International Tianjin.
我/我们承诺已经向天津惠灵顿国际学校提供了孩子的所有的医疗、行为、精神等可能对其在校就读产生影响的 情况说明。我/我们同意校方有权在任何时候查阅与孩子相关的适合的教育关怀的信息。我/如因我/我们未能准 确并完整地提供孩子的信息,天津惠灵顿国际学校有权取消孩子的入学资格。

Date: Jan 23, 2020
Date: Jan 23, 2020